Hi, my name is Felix Schnizlein

http://schnizle.in is about all the things that comes to my mind. Currently my blog is about Linux and programming. But this might change!

Currently I live in Nuermberg and work as trainee at SUSE.

Facts about me

  • I love to cook vegan food, but I’m not a vegan
  • I’m a lefty, but I play a righty bass guitar
  • I’m a lefty, but I’m trying to play the righty drums the lefty way
  • I was born in Bavaria, but I don’t speak Bavarian
  • I love functional programming, but not what javascript means by it
  • I’m a Linux enthusiast, but I don’t hate Microsoft
  • I’m a white European man, but I know about my privileges and try to fight racism, sexism, .. in my daily life.
  • I love cycling, but not as competition.

You want contact me? No problem!

Send me an email: me@schnizle.in
Send me a message at twitter: https://twitter.com/felixsch_
Chat with me on IRC: #fde@irc.freenode.net

About schnizle.in

http://schnizle.in is written in Haskell using the static html generator library Hakyll

The source is available at github.com